Collection of Papers - Volume 47/48


Title page


Miroslav Ocokoljić

The Geographic Regions of Serbia Viewed from the Aspect of Water Distribution and Water Needs (1-13)

Miroslava Unkašević, Ivana Tošić

Analysis of Multi-year Cloudiness Sequences and Relative Insolation in Belgrade (15-26)

Ljubomir Menković

Opolje: Its Morphology and Morphogenesis (27-40)

Ilija Misailović

The Number of Refugee Families in the Užice Area at the Time of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Uprising in 1875 (41-47)

Radmila Miletić

Changes in the Economic Structure of the Population of the Municipality of Pančevo under the Influence of Industrialisation (49-74)

Branislav Stojanović

Some Population Changes in the Demographic Areas (Regions) of Serbia in the 1971-1991 period (75-95)

Gordana Vojković, Marina Todorović

The Basic Theoretical-methodological Premises of Establishing Labour Force “Reserves” in Agriculture (97-119)

Ivan B. Popović

The Settlement Development of Niška banja in the Period Between the Great Wars (121-139)

Branka Tošić

The Urbanisation Processes in Serbia in the Period after the Second World War (141-156)

Srboljub Dj. Stamenković, Miroljub A. Milinčić

The Basic Geographical Factors of the Urban Development of Vranjska banja (157-174)

Mirko Grčić

The Scientific Schools in Political Geography and Geopolitics (175-200)

Dragana Miljanović

The Area of Implementation of the Bonitation Method in the Evaluation of the Natural Environment (201-215)

Jasmina Djordjević

Evaluation of the Natural Development Potential and the Distribution of Industry and Housing in the Municipality of Majdanpek (217-238)

Dejan Djordjević

Problems in rural planning (239-253)

Aleksandar Veljković, Milan Bursać, Miloš Mišković

The Accordance Between Approach and Solutions in the Spatial Plans of Serbia and Montenegro With Spatial of the Republic of Srpska (255–284)

Verka Jovanović

Elements of the Geographic Information System (285-300)