Collection of Papers - Volume 36


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Radovan Ršumović

On the Occasion of the Seventieth Birthday and Many Years of Scientific Work of Professor and Academician Petar Stevanović (1-2)

Miloš Zeremski

The Levač-Belica Depression (3-22)

Radovan Ršumović

The Neotectonic Phenomena of the Danube Basin in Šumadija (23-35)

Čedomir S. Milić

The Morphogenesis of the Lake Vlasina Area (37-48)

Čedomir S. Milić

Fossil and Recent Alluvia in the Valley System of the Vlasina River (49-76)

Olga Savić

Grocka – the Contemporary Spatial Expansion of this Town (77-105)

Mihajlo Kostić

Some Aspects of the Contemporary Transformation of Spa and Thermal Locations in Šumadija (107-159)

Mihajlo Kostić

The Bela voda Thermal Spa (161-172)

Mihajlo Kostić, Popović Ivan

Savinac (173-201)

Borut Kirbus

A Map for Orienteering Sports. The Current Situation and the Perspectives (203-228)

Čedomir S. Milić

In memoriam: Branislav P. Jovanović (229-230)