Collection of Papers - Volume 49


Title page


Milan Bursać, Milan Radovanović

Some Issues Pertaining to the Development of the Geography of Serbia (1-12)

Marina Todorović

The State and the Perspectives of Agrarian Geography in the World and in Our Country (13-22)

Verka Jovanović, Radmilo Jovanović

The Strategy and Integrations of Hydrological Information (23-40)

Mirčeta Vemić

The Methodological Foundations of Preparing a National Atlas (41-58)

Miroslav Ocokoljić

The Maximum Historical Precipitation in Belgrade and Its Urban Aspect (59-68)

Ilija Misailović

The Water Supply of Požega (69-96)

Milovan Milivojević

The Glacial Morphology of Mt Komovo (97-120)

Branislav Stojanović

The Level of Urbanisation as an Element of the Regionalisation of Serbia (121–134)

Gordana Vojković

The Regional Aspects of the Aging of the Agricultural Population of Serbia (135-154)

Ivan Popović

A Chronological Overview of the Knowledge Gained about Recreational Settlements in the Landscape Wholes of Serbia (155-176)

Željko Bjeljac

The Tourist Regionalisation of the Geographical Space of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (177-190)