Collection of Papers - Volume 42 (The Municipality of Golubac)


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Aleksandar Veljković

The Geographical Position of the Territory of the Municipality of Golubac (7-21)

Miloš Zeremski

The Geomorphological Characteristics of Aeolian Relief (23-49)

Čedomir Milić

Contemporary Geomorphological Processes and Paedogenesis (51-69)

Borut Kirbus

The Geomorphological Potential of Importance for Exploitation of Space (71-97)

Verka Jovanović

Climatic and Hydrological Characteristics (99-114)

Gordana Vojković

Population (115-152)

Radmila Brkić, Branka Tošić

Spatial-economic Structure (153-175)

Marina Todorović

Agriculture (177-200)

Branka Tošić, Radmila Brkić

Infrastructural Systems (201-212)

Radmilo Jovanović

Settlement Network (213-240)

Gordana Vojković

Housing (241-256)

Branka Tošić

The Spatial Structure of the Golubac Settlement (257-270)

Milan Bursać

Exploitation of Space (271-298)

Milutin Lješević

The Environment (299-317)

Aleksandar Veljković

The Organisation of Geospace in the Area of the Municipality of Golubac (319-348)