Journal - Volume 62-3



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Dejana Jakovljević

Serbian and Canadian water quality index of Danube river in Serbia in 2010 (1–18)

Sanja Topalović

The influence of „Coca Cola” company over the quality of the environment of Zemun (19–30)

Katarína Čupeľová, Vladimír Tóth

Infrastructure facilities as a potential for development in Slovakia (31–47)

Darko Vuković, Ana Jovanović, Mališa Đukić

Defining competitiveness through the theories of new economic geography and regional economy (49–64)

Olgica Miljković, Ljiljana Živković

Possibilities for the development of ecotourism in protected areas of western Serbia (65–80)

Natalija Minić

Development of “dark” tourism in the contemporary society (81-103)

Vuk Garača, Nevena Ćurčić, Svetlana Vukosav, Danka Curaković

Planning and equipping of the Petrovaradin fortress lower town for touristic purposes (105-122)

Marija Živković

Analysis of conflicts in the use of space in mining basin “Kolubara” (123-136)


Jovana Todorić

Proceedings of the Scientific meeting “Problems and challenges of contemporary geographic science and teaching” in Brzeće (137-138)

Vuk Garača

“Qualitative assessment of the tourist propaganda assets and the applied cartographic materials in improving the promotional activities in tourism”, Nevena Ćurčić’s monograph (139-140)

Geographical Institute