Collection of Papers - Volume 30


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Mihajlo Kostić

A Contribution to a Contemporary Concept of Anthropogeographical Studies of Settlements and Population (1-16)

Miloš Zeremski

Polyphase and Polychronous Epigeneses (17-30)

Radovan Ršumović

Fluviodenudational Peneplain – the Foundation of the Relief of Western Serbia (31-91)

Miroslav Milojević

The Commune of Loznica (93-125)

Mihajlo Kostić

Rare Thermal Phenomena in the Svetojovanska-Matejevačka River Valley (the Niš Depression) and Their Tourist-geographical Significance (127-144)

Radmilo Jovanović

The Transformation of Suburban Settlements, Based on the Examples of Sremčica and Kaluđerica (145-195)

Olga Savić

The Territorial Development of Osečina (197-209)

Mihajlo Kostić, Radmilo Jovanović

A Bibliography of Papers Published in the Publications of the Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić” of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (1949-1978) (211-222)