Collection of Papers - Volume 34


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Čedomir S. Milić

The Epigenetic Characteristics of the Dičina and Dragoblije Rivers (1-12)

Čedomir S. Milić

Fossil and Recent Alluvia in the Dičina and Dragobilje Basins (13-26)

MiloŠ Zeremski

Orthogonal Morphostructures and Unidirectional Asymmetries – the Geomorphological Indicators of Neotectonic Processes in Lower Šumadija (27-44)

Dragutin Petrović

The Caves of Šumadija (45-82)

Radovan Ršumović

Geomorphological Processes along the Banks of the Sava from Obrenovac to Belgrade and Their Socio-geographical Significance (83-92)

Verka Jovanović

The River Network of Šumadija (93-107)

Olga Savić

Population Migration in Mladenovac after the Second World War (109-126)

Radmilo Jovanović

The Geographical Position and Settlement Types of Azbukovica (127-138)

Mihajlo Kostić

On the Functionality of Thermal Flows in Serbia (139-183)

Mihajlo Kostić, Dragoljub Milanović

The Studenički kiseljak [Mineral Water] Source (185-212)