Collection of Papers - Volume 43


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Miloš Zeremski

On the Shore Lines of the Pontian Sea in the Vicinity of Belgrade (1-16)

Miloš Zeremski, Henryk Maruszcak, Jerzy Butrym

The Problems of the Chronostratigraphy of the Loess of Vojvodina (17-32)

Miroslav Ocokoljić

The Hydrological and Thermal Regime of Rivers in the Kraljevo Region (33-56)

Milovan Radovanović

The Anthropogeographical and Demographic Foundations of the Development of Population Density in Serbia. The Development of Population Density until the Second World War (57-91)

Jerzy Kostrowicki

Changes of European Agriculture in the Light of a Map of European Agricultural Types (93-101)

Roman Szczesny

The Spatial Structure of the Agriculture of Poland in the 1960-1985 Period (103-111)

Roman Kulikowski, Božena Gałczynska

The Spatial Organisation of Agriculture on the Outskirts of Warsaw (113-125)

Wieslawa Tyszkiewicz, Братислав Јаћимовић

Changes in the Structure of the Size of Individual Farms in the Socialist Republic of Serbia in the 1961-1981 Period (127-136)

Milan Bursać

The Natural Conditions for the Development of Agriculture and Forestry in the Broader Region of Mt Kopaonik (137-149)

Radmila Brkić

Industry and Mining on the Territory of the Municipalities of Titova Mitrovica, Zubin Potok and Zvečan (151-160)

Aleksandar Veljković

Cities – the Centres of the Development of the Settlement Network of Central Serbia (161-195)

Aleksandar Veljković

The Great Economic Zone in Pančevački rit – an Element of the Future Spatial Structure of the Belgrade Agglomeration (197-215)

Ivan B. Popović

The Main Characteristics and Some Specific Traits of the Weekend Settlements and Settlements on the Territory of the Municipality of Golubac (217-236)

Ivan B. Popović

Gavrilo Vidanović – Sazda, PhD