Collection of Papers - Volume 19


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Radovan Ršumović

The Subject of the Study of Regional Geography (1-30)

Čedomir Milić

An Example of Developing a River Network on a Tectonic Convergence (31-56)

Radovan Ršumović

Sand Martins – Indicators of Woodland and Climatic Phenomena in the Past (57-70)

Dragurin Petrović

The Vernjikica Cave (71-82)

Nikola V. Manojlović

The Regime of the Morača River (83-111)

Jovan Dinić

Forms of Erosion on the Podsoj Cliff Notch in the Cetina River Valley (113-120)

Miroslav Milojević

Exploitation of Land for Agricultural Purposes in the Commune of Svilajnac (121-141)

Miloš Zeremski

The Role of the Anthropogenic Factor in Landslide Protection in the Visočica River Valley (143-165)

Branko Peruničić

Rural Beginnings in Serbia (167-175)