Collection of Papers - Volume 32


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Mihajlo Kostić

Academician Milisav V. Lutovac (1-18)

Petar Stevanović

An Overview of the Neotectonics and Palaeography of the Neogenic Terrain of Lower Šumadija (19-50)

Branislav Bukurov

The Problem of Determining Urban Settlements in Vojvodina (51-60)

Obren Blagojević

The National Park Durmitor (61-77)

Jean Nicod

The Situation as Regards Research into Karst Phenomena on Madagascar (79-86)

Čedomir S. Milić

Mt Tara (87-114)

Miloš Zeremski

On the Piracy of Zajšnica (Ljuboviđa), a Tributary of the Drina River (115-126)

Radovan Ršumović

The Geomorphology of the Skrapež Basin (127-156)

Verka Ranitović

A Special Geomorphological Map, with a Brief Overview of the Genesis and Evolution of Belgrade Merokarst (157-168)

Dušan Dukić

Perspective in the Use and Protection of the Surface Water Resources of Yugoslavia (169-184)

Ljiljana Gavrilović

Migration Trends and the Origin of the Population of the New Parts of Požega (193-202)

Milena Spasovski

The Agrarian-geographical Characteristics of the Ub Commune (203-230)

Miroslav Milojević

The Agrarian-geographical Characteristics of the Ub Commune (203-230)

Olga Savić

The Cities, Towns and Mixed Settlements of Western Serbia (213-243)

Mihajlo Kostić, Milivoje Maćejka

The Vrdnik Spa (245-276)