Collection of Papers - Volume 57


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Jasmina Djordjević

The Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić” from Its Establishment to the Present Day (5-12)

Srboljub Dj. Stamenković

The Faculty of Geography of Belgrade University – The Initiator and Bearer of the Development of Geography and Related Sciences and Disciplines in Serbia (13-20)

Vidojko Jović

On Some Relations between Geography and Geology in the Past and in the Future (21-26)

Miloš Zeremski

On an Inconsistently Applied Principle in Science (27-38)

Elisabeth Buehler

Gender in Geography: An Essential Basis of Analysis (39–43)

Marina Todorović

Rural Society and Rural Geography in the Past and in the Future (45-53)

Dejan Djordjević, Tijana Dabović

Great Dilemmas of Landscape Planning (55-60)

Živadin Jovičić

The Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić” of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts – Mutually Unused Possibilities from the Point of View of Established Rights and Obligations (61-64)

Srdjan Belij

Geodiversity and Geoheritage – The Contemporary Development Trend of Geomorphology in Our Country and in the World (65-70)

Nelly Hristova

Geographical Specificity of the River's Regime in Bulgaria (71–77)

Nina Nikolova

Regional Climate Change: Precipitation Variability in Mountainous Part of Bulgaria (79–86)

Radomir Ivanović, Nataša Martić-Bursać, Mrdjan Djokić

The Agroclimatic Characteristics of the Leskovac Depression (87-93)

Mirela Mazilu

The Ecological Component of the Lasting Development (95–100)

Vesna Lukić

The Scientific-Research Work in the Field of Demography Conducted at the Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić” of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (101-107)

Berekméri Mária, Surd Vasile

Some Demographical Aspects of the Newly Nominated Towns in Romania (109–117)

Ankica Kuburović

The Socio-demographic Characteristics of the Male and Female Population of Central Serbia at the Beginning of the First Decade of the 21st Century (119-126)

Mirjana Rašević

Serbia: Transition from Abortion towards Contraception or Not? (127-133)

Radmila Vićentijević

Persons with Disability in Belgrade (135-142)

Olgica Tucović, Radoslav Stevanović

The Natural Population Trends of Belgrade in the Second Half of the 20th Century and at the Beginning of the 21st Century (143-151)

Tamara Kovačević, Saša Kicošev, Milka Bubalo-Živković

The Population Trends of Goč and Podgorina in the Second Half of the 20th Century and at the Beginning of the 21st Century (153-160)

Svetislav Lj. Marković, Ilija V. Popović

The Current Demographic Problems in the Settlements of the Municipality of Čačak (161-173)

Andjelija Ivkov, Aleksandra Dragin, Tamara Kovačević

The Characteristics of the Nuptiality of the Romanian Population in Banat, Based on the Example of the Village of Lokve (175-183)

Ivan B. Popović, Željko N. Bjeljac

The Development of the Science of Tourism in Serbia after the Second World War (185-192)

Antonije Đukić, Senta Jerković

Geoeconomic Guidlines of Development of Tourism – Model of Dubrovnik (193–201)

Tamara Pavlović

Club Méditerranée – One of the Optimum Formulas of Club Holidays in Sport-recreational Tourism (203-211)

Aleksandar Todorović

Туристички потенцијал Рудничког краја (213–222)

Vanja Dragićević

Tourism as a Factor of Farm Revitalisation – Based on the Example of the “Cvetni salaš” and “Majkin salaš” Farms on Lake Palić (223-231)

Tatjana Ilić

Is Village Tourism the Future of the Municipality of Kosjerić? (233-242)

Saša Milosavljević, Ilija V. Popović

Tourism as a Function of the Development of the Municipality of Lučani (243-250)

Uglješa Stankov

The Possibility of Developing Sustainable Rural Tourism in Bačka (251-259)

Branka Tošić

Research in the Field of the Geography of Cities Conducted at the Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić” of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (261-269)

Radmila Miletić

Economic-geographical Research Conducted at the Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić” of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (271-280))

Najden Apostolov

The Inter-city Traffic Availability of Bulgarian Cities (281-286)

Birte Nienaber, Michael Kriszan

The Integration of Rural Regions of Ireland and Poland Into the European Union (287–295)

Dragutin Tošić, Marija Nevenić

Nodal Region, an Instrument of the Spatial-functional Organisation of Serbia (297-307)

Dragan Dj. Obradović

A Model of the Regionalisation of Central Serbia (309-317)

Dušan T. Kićović, Dragomir M. Kićović, Ranko Dragović

The Climate and the Soil of the Upper Lim Basin as a Factor of the Development of Fruit Farming (319-323)

Marija Ćirković, Rajko Golić

The Problem of the Borderline between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Near the Sastavci Settlement (325-332)

Bogdan Lukić, Aleksandar Djordjević

On a New Concept of Infrastructure Planning (333-340)

Ivana Stefanović, Djordje Milić

The Implementation of the Habitat Agenda and Agenda 21 for Defining Elements of the Development Strategy of a Mountainous Area (341-345)

Irena Mitrović

Improving the Implementation of Strategic Evaluation of Influences on the Environment in Serbia (347-356)

Rahman Nurković

Distribution of Industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina (357–363)

Djordje Milić, Ivana Stefanović

Approach to Sustainable Planning, Based on the Example of a Protected Natural Resource (365-373)

Milica Dobričić

The Programmatic Basis of Planning the Special Purpose Area of the National Park Tara (375–382)

Stevan M. Stanković

The Geographical Aspect of the Environment (383-391)

Ljiljana Dimitrijević, Aleksandar Radivojević, Ninoslav Golubović

The Quality of the Water of the Rasina River Downstream from the “Ćelije” Accumulation (393-398)

Branislav Bajat, Dušan Joksić, Zoran Nedeljković

A Fuzzy View of the Environment (399-406)

Mirčeta Vemić

The Cartography of Serbia in the 20th Century (407-415)

Ljubinko Sretenović

The Algorithm of Semiscale Cartographing and Map Measuring (417-422)

Ljubomir Menković, Milan Košćal

Geomorphological Mapping and the Making of Geomorphological Maps in Serbia (423-436)

Dragica Živković

The Place of Cartography in the System of Geographical Sciences at the Faculty of Geography of Belgrade University (437-442)

Vesna Ikonović

Cartographic Modelling – Its Role and Significance (443-450)

Jasmina Jovanović

Cartographic Communication as a Function of Informatics and Educational Communication (451-458)

Zoran Ž. Simović

The Implementation of Geographical Atlases and Maps in the Teaching of Geography (459–463)

Sanja Mustafić, Predrag Manojlović, Slavoljub Dragićević

The Implementation of Teledetection Methods and GIS in Researching Erosion Processes (465-473)

Ana Milanović, Dragoljub Štrbac

The Implementation of GIS in Hydrological Research – the Example of the Lepenica River (475-481)

Dejan Radović, Milutin Lješević, Milan Kukrika, Toša Ninkov, Georg Džukić, Ivica Radović

GIS and the Lake Skadar Region (483-493)

Snežana Besemenji

Air Pollution in Serbia (495-501)