Journal - Volume 64-1



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Nikola Igračev

Comparative analysis of the flow activity of the Homoljska Potajnica intermittent spring (1–12)

Nedeljko Todorović, Dragana Vujović

Analysis and projection of summer temperature regime in Belgrade (13–22)

Alexey L. Vasiliev, Lev A. Vasiliev, Irina V. Bokova

Development and implementation of ecologically safe technologies of obtaining drinking water (23–32)

Tamara Jojić Glavonjić, Milovan Milivojević, Milena Panić

Protected geoheritage sites as a touristic value of Srem (33–50)

Dragica Mijanovic

Changes of population density in the municipality of Nikšić as a result of migration (51–63)

Róbert Hudec, Vladimír Tóth

Population density gradient and its changes in the regions of the largest cities in the Slovak Republic (65-78)

Roman Mikuš, Daniel Gurňák

Electoral system of Slovakia - perspective of Political Geography (79-92)

Richard Ingwe, Julius A. Ada, Ikwun Angiating

Investment-centred transitioning from agrarian-tourism economy to manufacturing in cros river state, south-eastern/south-south, Nigeria: A theoretical perspective and background (93-109)

Varun Narayan Mishra, Praveen Kumar Rai, Kshitij Mohan

Prediction of land use changes based on land change modeler (lcm) using remote sensing: A case study of Muzaffarpur (Bihar), India (111-127)

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