Journal - Volume 63-4



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Pavle Arsenović, Ivana Tošić, Miroslava Unkašević

Seasonal analysis of warm days in Belgrade and Niš (1–10)

Zlatko R. Vukovic, Jim M.C. Yong, Norman Donaldson

Theoretical bases of the geometrical indentification of a common inter-radar space (11–28)

Dagmar Samešová, Helena Hybská, Jozef Mitterpach

The risk of surface water contamination by oil products (29–36)

Еvgeniya А. Lebedeva, Alexey V. Gordeev, Еkaterina V. Loschilova

Protection of atmosphere from harmful emissions of stationary fuelburn installations (37–46)

Leonid N. Gubanov, Valentina I. Zvereva, Denis V. Boyarkin

The regional conception in the sphere of industrial and domestic waste handling (47–55)

Jasna Cizler

Brownfield redevelopment as a measure for climate changes mitigation (57-73)

Marko D. Petrović, Ana Jovičić, Jelica J. Marković, Snježana Gagić

Territorial expansion of hotel chains in countries of South-Eastern Europe (75-92)

Biraj Kanti Mondal

Destruction of urban greenary of Indian cities – a study of the two wards of Kolkata through GIS and remote sensing (93-110)

Lepota L. Kuzmanović

Cartographic recognition with elements of planography of medieval square Macho (111-123)

May he rest in peace

In memoriam Yevgeny Vasilyevich Koposov (125-127)

Geographical Institute

List of reviewers for Journal of the Geographical Institute ‘Jovan Cvijić’ of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts” vol. 63 (129-131)

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