Collection of Papers - Volume 44/45


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Title page


Miroslav Ocokolić

The Water Potential of Serbia (1-22)

Miloš Zeremski

On the Shore Lines of the Panonian Sea around Mt Kosmaj (23-38)

Miroslav Ocokoljić

The Surface and Ground Water Runoff in the Kolubara Basin (39-66)

Milovan Radovanović

Regionalism as an Approach and Principle, and Regionalisation as a Method in the Functional Organisation of Geographical Space, with Some Aspects of the Implementation in the Case of the Republic of Serbia (67-102)

Aleksandar Veljković

The Relationship between Geography and Landscape Planning (103-128)

Mirjana Dvedžić, Gordana Vojković

Some Aspects of the Polarisation of Demographic Development in Serbia (129-152)

Živadin Jovičić

Mt Kopaonik – the Protection and Development of Tourism (153-210)

Dragana Miljanović

The Method of Preparing an Analysis of the Influence of Human Activities on the Environment (211-222)

Milan Bursać

The Geopotential and the Demographic Changes in the Area of Visoka in the Municipality of Pirot (223-246)

Branka Tošić

The Protection of Immovable Cultural Assets and Their Surroundings (247-258)

Jasmina Djordjević, Dejan Djordjević

The Treatment of the Environment in the Landscape Plan of a Municipality (259-268)

Aleksandar Veljković

A Critical Overview of the Draft Landscape Plan of the Republic of Serbia (269-284)