Collection of Papers - Volume 27


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Miloš Zeremski, editor

Preface (7)

Ivan Gams

The Concepts and Problems of Geomorphological Mapping in the World (9-20)

Miloš Zeremski

An Overview of the Results Pertaining to Geomorphological Mapping in Yugoslavia So Far (21-30)

Radenko Lazarević

Quantitative Geomorphological Maps (31-41)

Jovan Dinić

The Applicative Significance of Geomorphological Maps (43-52)

Miloš Zeremski

Detailed Geomorphological Mapping – a Necessary Means of Modern Geomorphology (53-59)

Miroslav Marković

A Detailed Geomorphological Map of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (61-68)

Peter Habić

The Basic Speleological Map of Slovenia and Its Significance for a Geomorphological Study of Karst (69-76)

Dušan Manakoviḱ, Tome Andonovski

Geomorphological Mapping in the Field: Groot-Vršnik-Goču-Dabović-Golik and Sveti Ilija (77-87)

Vilko Klein

The Basic Elements of Vertical Division of the Relief of North-Western Croatia and the Neighbouring Regions of Slovenia on the Basis of Morphostructural Analysis (89-100)

Miroslav Marković

A Geomorphological Map of Mt Orjen (101-110)

Miladin Andjelić, Slavko Lisenko

The Redaction-technological Method of Producing Thematic Maps (111-119)


The Record of the First Yugoslav Symposium on Geomorphological Mapping (121-126)