Collection of Papers - Volume 46


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Title page


Jovan Dinić

On the Problem of Regionalisation of the Natural Potential of Serbia (3-12)

Rajko Gnjato

On Some Problems of Regional Geography (13-18)

Miroslav Ocokoljić

Regionalisation in Hydrogeographical Research (19-28)

Vladimir Stojančević

The Great Rivers of Serbia as a River Basin and a Landscape Unit of Obstruction to Migration (29-40)

Verka Jovanović, Miroslav Ocokoljić

The River Basin as a Landscape Unit (41-48)

Slobodan Ćurčić, Dragoljub Bugarski

Geographical Research in Vojvodina (49-56)

Branislav Djurdjev, Saša Kicošev

International Research of Banat (57-64)

Doina Mihalica

Preset and Future Preocupations of the Research Geographers in Timisoara (65–70)

Radenko Lazarević

Some Problems of the Development of Geomorphology (71-82)

Dušan Gavrilović

The Development and the Perspectives of Serbian Geomorphology (83-90)

Miroslav Marković, Ljubomir Menković

The Geomorphological Map: the Concept, Preparation and Application (91-106)

Miroslav Marković, Radmila Pavlović, Tomas Čupković

Quantitative Geomorphological Analysis (107-119)

Aleksandar Veljković

Industry – a Factor in Geospace (123-134)

Zoran Žegarac, Bogdan Lukić, Aleksandra Gojšana

Infrastructural Systems as a Matrix of Geosystem Dynamics (135-142)

Branka Tošić

Typology of Settlements on the Basis of Applied Research (143-148)

Ivan B. Popović

Social-geographical Research into Rest and Recreation Settlements in Serbia up to Now (149-160)

Stevan Stanković

The Scientific and Applicative Significance of Tourist Geography (161-170)

Nikola Djordjević

Geography and Postal Traffic (171-178)

Dušan Jović, Milan Medarević

Type of Wood – a Basic Natural and Geographic Category (179-186)

dejan Djordjević

Do Paradigms Exist in Landscape Planning? (187-200)

Jelka Adamović

Factors of Housing Location (201-208)

Vesna Ikonović

Geographical Information Systems and Their Connections with Cartography (211-220)

Anita Ivanišević, Slobodan Kablarević, Vesna Ikonović, Aleksandra Gojšina

Integration of a Geographical Database and a Map as a Precondition for Analysing Geographical Space (221-234)

Jasmina Djordjević

On the Problem of the Quality of Cartographic Contributions in Landscape Plans (235-248)

Vladimir Stanković

The Importance of Empirical Potential of Demographic Statistics for a Multidisciplinary Investigation of Spatial-demographic Phenomena (249-264)

Svetlana Radovanović

The Possibility of Using Statistical Data for Analysing Ethnogeographic and Ethnodemographic Processes (265-273)

Živadin Jovičić

The Geographisation of Geography – One of the Fundamental Tasks of Its Development (277-290)

Vladimir Lobanov, H. B. Lobanova, S. R. Stepanenko, V. E. Leonov

Development of Non-Homogeneous, Non-Stationary Sciences to and After 2000 (291–302)

Ion Mac

The Concepts of Cosequentiality and Snergetism as Sepports of Geographical Approach (303–310)

V. I. Babkin, I. A. Šiklomanov

The Hydrological Consequences of Global Climate Changes and the Problems of Geography (311-316)

Milovan Pecelj

The Geographical Layer – A Gnoseological-Methodological Postulate (317-324)

Milan Bursać

Geographical Research and Landscape Planning (325-333)