Date: April 16, 2015, to April 18, 2015
Venue: Subotica - Palić, Subotica - Palić, Serbia
Organisers: Association of Serbian Spatial Planners


Scientific conference with international participation “The Planning and Normative Spatial and the Environment Protection”, Subotica - Palić. Scientific Meeting is the eighth time organized by the Association of Serbian Spatial Planners. Marko V. Milosevic, MSc, was the moderator of the section “Climate Changes and their Impact on the Planning, Development and Protection of the Area”, while the scientific work of the colleagues from the Geographical Institute was also presented as part of the co


Participants: Marko V. Milošević

Announcement: Geomorphologic indicators of natural disasters - example of muddy torrent of Tekija 2014

Коаутори: Jelena Ćalić, Jelena Kovačević-Majkić, Ana M. Petrović