Date: October 8, 2013, to October 11, 2013
Venue: Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
Organisers: Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić” of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Sponsors: Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Programme: 2013_book_of_abstracts.pdf



With great pleasure we inform you that the international conference on “Natural Disasters – the Links between Science and Practice” was successfully held from 8 to 11 October 2013, organized by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijic”, SASA.

Participation in the conference was taken by a number of home and foreign scholars who exposed the results of their research within 7 sections, which demonstrated a significant scientific interest in this issue, in the theoretical, social and practical terms. A wide range of natural disasters such as fires, floods, landslides, tornadoes, earthquakes, climate variability, environmental pollution, etc. was covered. According to the estimates of all the participants, the conference was held at a high scientific level, with the prospects of holding a new one next year, with the same title.

Scientific Committee: Časlav Ocić (president of International Scientific Committee, corresponding member, SASA); Nikola Tasić (academician SASA, Belgrade), Vojislav Stanovčić (academician SASA, Belgrade); Olga Hadžić (academician SASA, Belgrade), Vidojko Jović (academician SASA, Belgrade); Božidar Ćurčić (akademician BAS, Sofia, Serbian biological society, Belgrade); Joao Fernando Pereira Gomes (Institut Superior tehnica, Lisabon); Mariyana Nikolova (National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography BAS); Walter Zsilincsar (Department of Geography, University of Graz, Graz); Dmitri Wanderberghe (Geological Institute, Ghent); Imre Nagy (Centre for Regional Studies HAS, Keckemet); Čedo Maksimović (Imperial College, London); Saumitra Mukherjee (School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India); Biljana Apostolovska-Toševska (Faculty of Science, Skopje); Svetlana Malhazova (Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University “M. V. Lomonosov”, Moscow ); Vladimir J. Zakharov (Department of Strategic Marketing, State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Nizhniy Novgorod); Sandu Boengiu (Geography Department, University of Craiova).