Special editions published by the Institute are edited in accordance to a unified set of instructions, same as that used for the Journal. Each publication is unique original work, has its own editor and is assigned with two reviewers, lately even three reviewers.  The authors have to deliver the manuscript and to direct the special request to the Publisher. The decision on publishing of Special Issues is assigned to the Scientific Board of the Institute. Each individual publication is marked by its own ordinal number in the series, as well as unique ISBN number and CIP assigned by the National Library of Serbia. The issues published so far are available from the Institute’s library as printed publications. A number of these publications are also available in electronic form on the official web site of the Institute as well as on Google Books service.

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Editions published so far

Book 89. Željko Bjeljac (2015):

Tourism on Vršac mountain

Book 88. Aleksandra Terzić (2014):

Development perspectives of the cultural route “Fortresses Along The Danube” for enriching the tourist offer of Serbia

Book 87. Currently unavailable.

Book 86. Jovana Todorić (2013):

Residential preferences analysis in the context of reurbanisation in Belgrade

Book 85. Aleksandra Spalević (2013):

Transformation of peri-urban area of Belgrade

Book 84. Marija Drobnjaković (2012):

Prijepolje - factor of the regional integrity of the south-west Serbia

Book 83. Vesna Lukić (2011):

Demographic Development and Functional Structure of Pancevo

Book 82. Željko Bjeljac (2010):

Tourists Events in Serbia

Book 81. Jovana Brankov (2010):

Ecological Tourism in Protected Natural Assets in Banat

Book 80. Milena Panić (2010):

Hazardous Waste Management

Book 79. Marko V. Milošević (2010):

Landslides in Jagodina Municipality

Book 78. Jugoslav Nikolić (2010):

Verification of the Evapotranspiration Model (Hydrogeological, Hydrological, Geographical and Meteorological Research on the Case Example of Zapadna Morava Upper River Basin)

Book 77. Jugoslav Nikolić (2010):

The Water Evaporation in Heterogenous Geological Conditions (The Development of Numerical Model for Determination of Evapotranspiration)

Book 76. Dragana Milijašević (2010):

Hydrogeographic Study of the Djetinja River

Book 75. Boško Milovanović (2010):

Climate of the Mountain Stara Planina

Book 74. Jelena Kovačević - Majkić (2009):

A Hydrogeographic Study of the Skrapež River

Book 73. Dragana Matijević (2009):

The Spatial-functional Connection between the Settlements of the Stara Pazova Municipality and the Urban System of Belgrade

Book 72. Jelena Ćalić (2008):

The Contact and Structural Characteristics of the Karst of Dževrinska greda

Book 71. Milan Radovanović, Joao Fernando Pereira Gomes (2008):

Solar Activity and Forest Fires

Book 70. Ana Milanović (2007):

A Hydrogeographic Study of the Lepenica River

Book 69. Marko Urošev (2007):

The Basin of the Golijska Moravica River – a Hydrological Analysis

Book 68. Milovan Milivojević (2007):

The Glacial Relief on Mt Volujak with Mt Bioč and Mt Maglić

Book 67. Željko Bjeljac (2006):

The Theoretical-Methodological Foundations of Event Tourism

Book 66. Vesna Lukić (2005):

Refugee Migrations from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Belgrade

Book 65. Željko Bjeljac, Dragoljub Štrbac, Edit Lendak (2004):

Tourist Events along the Line of the Danube-Morava Corridor

Book 64. Željko Bjeljac, Ivan B. Popović (2004):

The Material Basis of Tourism in the Area of the Danube-Morava Corridor

Book 63. Marina Todorović, Branka Tošić, Branislav Stojanović (2004):

Serbia, Euro-regions and European Integrations

Book 62. Branka Tošić, Dragana Matijević, Vesna Lukić (2004):

The Danube Morava Corridor – Settlements

Book 61. Mirčeta Vemić (2005):

An Ethnic Map of a Part of Old Serbia. Based on the Travelogue of Miloš S. Milojević 1871–1877

Book 60. Vladimir Nikitović (2004):

The Accuracy of Projections of the Population of Serbia

Book 59. Jasmina S. Djordjević (2004):

The Typology of Physical-Geographic Factors in Landscape Planning

Book 58. Milan Bursać (preface) (2003):

Dušan Dukić – 55 Years of Scientific Work and 80 Years of Age

Book 57. Ljubomir Marković, Svetislav Lj. Marković (2002):

The Population of the Moravica Stari Vlah Region

Book 55. Mirčeta Vemić (1998):

The Theory of Meaning in Cartography

Book 54. Group of autors (2003):

The Demographic Characteristics of the Regionalisation of Serbia (Second edition)

Book 53. Group of autors (2003):

The Geographic Structure and the Regionalisation of Serbia 2

Book 52. Predrag Djurović (editor) (1998):

Speleological atlas of Serbia (co-publishers: Institute for Protection of Nature of Serbia, Faculty of Geography - University of Belgrade, and Faculty of Biology - University of Belgrade)

Book 51. Group of autors (1997):

The Geographic Structure and the Regionalisation of Serbia 1

Book 50. Živadin Jovičić (1997):

Planet Earth – the Reality and Visions

Book 49. Milan Bursać (1996):

Geographic Potential – the Evaluation and Planning of Settlements

Book 48. Milan M. Radovanović (1996):

A Climate-based Regionalisation of Metohija

Book 47. Jasmina S. Djordjević (1996):

An Evaluation of Nature Potential on the Example of the Basins of the Jablanica and Veternica Rivers

Book 46. Radmilo B. Jovanović (1995):

The Network of Serbian Cities – a Model of Spatial-Functional Organisation

Book 45. Predrag Djurović (1995):

The Karst Relief in the Kravarica River Basin – Dragačevo

Book 44. Александар Вељковић, Radmilo B. Jovanović, Branka Tošić (1995):

The Cities of Serbia – the Development Centres in the Network of Settlements

Book 43. Ljubomir Menković (1995):

The Surface Karst Morphology of Mokra Gora and Žljeb

Book 42. Group of autors (1995):

The Municipality of Mionica

Book 41. Miroslav Ocokoljić (1994):

The Cyclical Character of Dry and Wet Periods in Serbia

Book 40/1. Group of autors (1994):

The Mt Šara Districts of Gora, Opolje and Sredska – the Characteristics of the Natural Environment

Book 40/2. Group of autors (1995):

The Mt Šara Districts of Gora, Opolje and Sredska – the Anthropogeographic-ethnological, Demographic, Sociological and Culturological Characteristics

Book 40/3. Group of autors (1997):

The Mt Šara Districts of Gora, Opolje and Sredska – the Social-economic Development (the Past – the Present – the Future)

Book 39. Group of autors (1992):

The Municipality of Smederevo

Book 38. Gordana Bojković (1992):

The Mortality Rate of the Population of Belgrade

Book 37/1. Group of autors (1990):

The Municipality of Štrpce, the Sirinić District – the Characteristics of the Natural Environment

Book 37/2. Group of autors (1990):

The Municipality of Štrpce, the Sirinić District – the Demographic Development and the Specific Characteristics of the Social Space

Book 37/3. Group of autors (1991):

The Municipality of Štrpce, the Sirinić District – the Social-economic Development, Organisation and Use of Space

Book 36. Miroslav Milojević (1989):

The Agricultural Complex in the Municipality of Obrenovac

Book 35. Radmilo B. Jovanović (1988):

The System of Settlements in Šumadija

Book 34. Miroslav Milojević (1984):

The Post-war Development of the Agricultural Complex in the Municipality of Mladenovac

Book 33. Miloš Zeremski (1983):

Traces of Neotectonic Processes in the Relief of Western Serbia

Book 32. Zdravko Ivanović (1979):

Cities – the Communal Centres of Montenegro

Book 31. Miladin Ž. Vesić (1978):

The Population and Migrations in Eastern Serbia

Book 30. Miroslav Milojević (1977):

The Post-war Development of Cattle-raising in Western Serbia – Agrarian-geographic Studies

Book 29. Zdravko Ivanović (1977):

Nikšić – an Urban-geographic Study

Book 28. Milena Sikimić-Spasovski (1977):

The Natural Components of the Development of the Population of Belgrade

Book 27. Olga Savić (1977):

The Cities and Lesser Settlements of Eastern Serbia

Book 26. Miroslav D. Milojević (1975):

Western Serbia – Agrarian-geographic Studies

Book 25. Dragan P. Rodić (1974):

The Uvce River Basin – a Regional-geographic Study

Book 24. Miroslav D. Milojević (1972):

The Development and Characteristics of Cattle-raising in Eastern Serbia

Book 23. Mihailo Kostić (1970):

The Bela Palanka Depression – Social-geographic Studies

Book 22. Dragutin Petrović (1970):

The Crni Timok River Basin – a Geomorphological Study

Book 21. Olga Savić (1969):

Kruševac and Its Sphere of Influence

Book 20. Miloš Zeremski (1969):

The Sjenica Depression – a Geomorphological Study

Book 19. Branimir Lj. Dakić (1967):

The Sokobanja Depression – an Economic-geographic Study

Book 18. Mišo Lazarević (1967):

The Climate Characteristics of Herceg-Novi and its Gravitational Area, with an Overview of the Conditions for the Development of Tourism and Growing Tropical Fruit

Book 17. Miroslav D. Milojević (1962):

Mačva, the Šabac Posavina Region and Pocerina

Book 16. Radovan Lj. Ršumović (1960):

The Relief of the Golijska Moravica River Basin

Book 15. Gavrilo Vidanović-Sazda (1960):

Vidlič – Zabrđe – an Economic-geographic Study

Book 14. Olga Savić (1958):

The Influence of the Sphere of Aleksinac and its Characteristics

Book 13. Group of autors (1957):

On the Occasion of the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Death of Jovan Cvijić

Book 12. Dušan Dukić (1957):

The Sava River – a Potamological Study

Book 11. Milisav V. Lutovac (1957):

The Ivangrad (Berane) Depression – Regional-geographic Research

Book 10. Branislav P. Jovanović (1956):

The Relief of the Kolubara River Basin – a Contribution to the Knowledge of the Development of Polyphase and Polygenetic Basin Relief

Book 9. Čedomir S. Milić (1956):

The Pek River Basin – a Geomorphological Study

Book 8. Мирослав Д. Поповић (1956):

Kragujevac and Its Economic Area – a Contribution to the Economic and Social Geography of the City and Its Surroundings

Book 7. Olga Savić (1955):

The Influence of the Sphere of Cities in the Greater Morava River Valley

Book 6. Gavrilo Vidanović-Sazda (1955):

The Visok Region – Economic-geographic Research

Book 5. Đorđe P. Paunković (1953):

The Relief of the Resava River Basin

Book 4. Stevan P. Bošković (1952):

Longitude Deviation in Serbia

Book 3. Milisav Lutovac (1951):

The Economic-geographic Characteristics of Jasenica

Book 2. Branislav Bukurov (1951):

The Economic-geographic Conditions and Traffic Connections of the Fruška Gora Area

Book 1. Borivoje Ž. Milojević, Pavle Hrćan (1949):

Contributions to the Geography of the Banat Sands