Journal - Volume 65-1





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Ana Tasić

The life and work of Tomislav Rakićević (1–18)

Vesna Ristić Vakanjac, Petar Papić, Radisav Golubović, Boris Vakanjac, Marina Čokorilo Ilić, Mladen Jokić

Karst groundwater budget and discharge regime of Banja Spring near Petnica (19–32)

Boško Milovanović

Air temperature changes in Serbia and the Belgrade heat island (33–42)

Marijana Pantić

Delineation of mountains and mountain areas in Europe – a planning approach (43–58)

Ekaterina E. Plyusnina, Dmitry A. Ruban, Pavel P. Zayats

Thematic dimension of geological heritage: an evidence from the Western Caucasus (59–76)

Alexander N. Panin, Vladimir S. Tikunov

Ethnic “Barometer”: Ethno-demographic and ethno-migration processes in the North Caucasus (77-89)

Israt Ferdous, M. Maksudur Rahman

Citizens at risk from earthquake hazard in Dhaka city: scaling risk factors from household to city region level (91-106)

Biraj Kanti Mondal

Spatial exploration of the literacy intensity of Sundabaran (107-120)

Aleksandra Spalević

Book review: Jovana Todorić (2003) - “Analysis of Housing Preferences in the Context of the Reurbanization of Belgrade” (121-122)

Nina Ćurčić

Comments and review: “Seventh Biennial Conference of the International Biogeography Society” (123-125)

Aleksa Popadić

Book review: Aleksa Popadić (2014) - “Stay safe and prepared: a teacher guide to disaster risk reduction” (127-129)

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